Our Actors

Alethia Christian Theater is for ages Jr. High through College. Beginning through experienced actors have the opportunity to perform in a variety of plays.

Each season provides High School Fine Arts requirement: 5 Credits.

The benefits of acting are numerous and go beyond each individual production.

Young Actors Learn:

Value of teamwork
Concentration skills

Live Performances Build:

Sense of accomplishment

….and the realization that hard work can be fun, with rewards that are immediate and long lasting!

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Email: info@alethiatheater.com

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

                                                                                                         John 8:32

Alethia Christian Theater

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Benefits of Theater

The families that started A.C.T. saw all the opportunities for musical theater but realized a need in the area of stage acting for young people. Thus, they started this theater with the single vision to bring high quality theatrical productions to young people in Southern California.

In order to achieve this goal, A.C.T. is dedicated to providing high quality directing, age-appropriate plays, and an environment where all actors feel supported and encouraged to grow their talents.

This dedication ultimately stems from the desire to glorify the Lord in every aspect of putting on a production. From Christian directors, appropriate play selection, prayer at rehearsals and at showtime, A.C.T. seeks to please the Lord through every position in the theater, including directors, actors, acting coaches, stage crew, and parents.

Mission Statement

Alethia Christian Theater (A.C.T.) aims to provide young actors with the opportunity to enrich and cultivate their artistic talents and ultimately glorify the One who bestowed them, our Lord Jesus Christ. 
We believe that theater is a culmination of the talents and efforts of all the participants, and thus we place equal importance to all our actors, directors, staff, and parent-volunteers who take part in our productions. We further aim to provide a safe and fun environment for our young thespians to be able to explore their God-given talents.

Our approach to training is eclectic and centered around a combination of mastering technique and molding raw talent. Our goal is to tap into the unique abilities of our actors and facilitate their continuing growth in their artistic skills. To this end, we carefully select plays that enrich the learning experience of our actors and impart values of truth to our audience. 

The Essence of A.C.T.

The Greek word, Alethia, means truth.  It literally means “not being in a daze”, but being transparent.

Since Ancient Greece and as early as the 6th century BC, theater has provided audiences with a brief escape from reality, a glimpse of a different world in which you can be an emotionally active observer. Theater has the power to capture the thoughts and hearts of the audience. Transparency is the vessel of communication with the audience. Truth is the essence of theater.

Alethia Christian Theater exists to bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Truth.

Cherie Enayat, Laura Gonzalez, Tessy Tzoytzoyrakos, Pam Beckham, Nancy Marentis

Alethia Christian Theater

About Us


Alethia Christian Theater (A.C.T.) was established in January 2009 for youth in the Southern California area, as a place to develop and grow dramatic skills and learn the craft of acting.